Black Hawks News · HUSD Students Return to Campus 9/8/2020

Dear Williams Field High School Parents,

The Higley Unified School District Governing Board has officially voted to have students to return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, September 8th. We are beyond excited to transition to the next phase of our school year.

As we approach the return to in-person and long-term online instruction, we ask for continued patience and grace from all parties, as there are many variables we must work through to move forward. There is a possibility that shifting of class schedules and teachers may occur starting on September 8th, as we will need to balance class sizes and accommodate for teachers moving to the online platform. We understand that this may be unsettling to some; however, rest-assured all of our teachers on our campus are outstanding, and will work to build positive relationships and communication with you and your child immediately to do what it takes to provide every opportunity to ensure student success.

At this point all of our families have been surveyed in order to indicate whether or not their child will be returning to school in-person or using the online platform. This has been beneficial in ensuring that we are adequately staffed for all realms of instruction, and therefore switching of the learning model choice will not be feasible without contacting our administrative team and gaining approval, which will be based on numerous factors. Students will not transition into an alternate learning platform until a natural break in the school year.

Regarding the in-person learning option, please know that our administrative team had the opportunity to serve and work on the Return to School Committee for HUSD. As a result we have familiarized ourselves with all pertinent documents (Arizona Department of Health, Arizona Department of Education, and Center for Disease Control), and ultimately crafting our return to school plan consistent with the HUSD mitigation plan. I can confidently say, we are doing everything in our control to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on the Williams Field High School Campus.

As we prepare for long-term learning, we learned an immense amount about how to best meet the needs of our learners in the current remote environment. These takeaways will serve as guidance for improving our online educational product as we move forward with the use of Higley Virtual Academy online learning platform.

Communication regarding bell schedules, lunches, and student schedules will be available during the week of August 31, 2020.

We look forward to taking the next steps in the 2020-2021 school year, together!